You know what wins elections? A strong campaign. You know what makes a strong campaign? Delivering on promises. You know what promise a politician has to deliver on? Giving out coke in exchange for votes. That's how you win elections in 2012, folks. In Brazil, anyway. 32-year-old Carme Cristina Lima was running for councillor in Itacoatiara, and was reportedly seen trading cocaine for votes on Sunday.

Lima created an air of suspicion when police noticed a crowd gather around her vehicle. After investigating, they found that there were packets of cocaine attached to her campaign leafletshundreds of packets of cocaine, to be exact. Lima and a male accomplice attempted to flee in their vehicle, and were spotted throwing a plastic bag full of smaller baggies of drugs out the window.

Lima has been charged with electoral corruption and drug dealing, and will not be able to act as a political official for at least eight years. When one of your platforms is a digital scale, your campaign will either fail miserably or being incredibly successful.

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[via The Huffington Post]