After Jose Marcos Araujo was told that his brother, 41-year-old Gilberto Santos Gama had been shot and killed, he probably figured he'd seen him alive for the last time. He figured wrong, as Gilberto arrived at his own funeral to greet family members. Police say that the whole situation was a case of mistaken identity, as the man who was murdered was actually Genivaldo Santos Gama.

Just like Gilberto, he was a car washer, and the two look frighteningly similar. In fact, even Araujo was caught off guard when asked to identify the body at the morgue. Gilberto is reportedly estranged from his family, and hadn't seen any of them in four months. A friend spotted him and told him that his family was holding funeral services for him at his mother's house. When he appeared, some fainted and others ran out of the room like they had seen a ghost.

The shock eventually faded, and Gilberto's mother, Marina Santana, told local press that she was "overjoyed" to see her son alive.

[via Gawker]