Borderlands 2's "girlfriend mode," AKA the new Mechromancer class DLC (which isn't really called girlfriend mode at all), was released this morning. That's a week ahead of its scheduled Oct. 16 launch, but we're not complaining!

Actually, we are, and so are other users, as some have reported that downloading the new character is partially erasing their Badass Points, gold keys and character customization progress. This isn't the first bug that strips away badass progress in Borderlands 2, so clearly there's something that Gearbox needs to fix.

The bug seems only to affect Xbox 360 users, though all reports are currently anecdotal. We're expecting a statement from 2K at some point, but for now we'd hold off on downloading the Mechromancer.

The Mechromancer, by the way, is free for "Premiere Club" members who pre-ordered Borderlands 2. Otherwise, she'll cost $10. She's a noob-friendly class, which is why one developer fatefully referred to her as "girlfriend mode," but that should stop you from enjoying the new character once these issues are ironed out.

[via GamesRadar]