Back in the early and mid-2000s, Research in Motion ruled the cellular market with its QWERTY-equipped handsets, drawing the interest of corporate suits and A-list celebrities alike. Then the industry progressed and smartphones became the wave of the future. Companies new to the cell phone market, like Apple and Google, introduced more advanced handsets, leaving many to question whether RIM had the firepower to compete with its competitors. Several years later, the answer appears to be: No. The Canadian telecommunications company looks to be on its last lifeline—failing miserably to produce competitive phones, while engaging in a number of financial and PR blunders that have tainted the company’s image.

RIM recently showcased its long-awaited BlackBerry 10 devices to the public…and nobody cared. That alone shows how little interest people have in the company. And judging from its recent layoffs and profit losses, things aren't looking any better for RIM. So as we watch the once powerful mobile staple implode before our very eyes, we decided to run through the moments that got it to where it is now. Check out this History of RIM's Worst Fails.