Address: 230 East 9th St.

Green Tea Roll Cake with Sake Ice Cream
Heavenly goodness from the first bite, this roll cake and sake combo is next-level delicious. The fluffy sponge cake is light and soft, and the green tea mousse at the center isn't overly sweet. The sake ice cream, though it has no no alcohol, has a light and fruity flavor. The homemade sesame cookie has a pleasant toasted taste. The red bean rounds out the entire dish. 

Green Tea/Jasmine Ice Cream
The green tea ice cream is light and milky, with a mild but appetizing flavor profile. The jasmine ice cream lives up to its name, and brings a strong flavor. This is the type of dessert that makes you bask in its greatness. You savor every bite, but it's so light that you don't even notice it's gone till you hit the bottom of the bowl. If you only once chance to eat green tea ice cream in New York, do it here.