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Fortunately, the fact that the upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development is highly anticipated hasn't stopped producers from pulling out all the stops when it comes to casting. According to Screencrush, House of Lies and Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz has signed on to appear in the series upon its return. Not much has been revealed in terms of his character or how many episodes he'll be appearing in, but the prospect of seeing Jean-Ralphio himself bump heads with Tobias Fünke is enough to make us even more excited about season four than we already were.

Schwartz joins an already long list of guest stars for next season that includes Judy Greer, Scott Baio, Liza Minnelli, Jeff Garlin, Henry Winkler, Isla Fisher, Terry CrewsJohn Slattery, and Workaholics stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm. So, a lot.

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