AT&T is once again in the hot seat for its FaceTIme over cellular policy. Customers with unlimited data contracts aren't allowed to use the new iOS 6 feature unless they subscribe to one of AT&T's tiered data plans or use wi-fi. One customer's had enough and decided to file a complain with the Federal Communications Commission regarding AT&T's FaceTime Policy. 

In a statement to Business Insider the customer, which chose to remain anonymous, stated what lead to his complainant:

“I am one of those AT&T ‘unlimited’-data customers who bought a plan when the iPhone first came out," he said "I have paid a premium for the unlimited data plan even though I don’t really use that much data, thinking that some day it would be useful to have.”

Last month three public interest groups came together to file a similar complaint against AT&T about the FaceTime restrictions of unlimited data customers. AT&T better reform its FaceTime policies soon before more consumers take advantage of the FCC's simple complaint submission process. Check out the complaint form on the FCC website here.

[BGR via Business Insider]