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According to Anonymous, the group is planning a full scale assault on Zynga come November 5.

The forthcoming attack from Anonymous is due to Zynga's “outrageous treatment” of employees and its actions against other developers. No stranger to legal wranglings, Zynga has been front and center for the better part of 2012 when it comes to courtroom sparring.

Anonymous is planning to launch Operation maZynga by releasing "key data files", and several unreleased games that Anonymous has allegedly pilfered from Zynga servers. Anonymous thinks that Zynga is planning more future layoffs, and that Zynga has threatened legal action against “anyone that speaks to the public about this plan.”

This is crazy. Is this a bit of a warranted wake-up call for Zynga? We guess we will just have to see what happens November 5. Will these attacks have any affect on Zynga's newest online gambling venture? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.

[via Anonymous]