Justin Bieber had the media and fans wildin’ over reports that he lost his laptop last week. Once the news spread like wildfire across the Net, like every other celebrity who had their personal gadgets stolen we anticipated the the leak of either unreleased music of photos of Selena Gomez meant for Justin's eyes only. None of that never came to fruition. Instead, the Biebs got one over on us, using the incident as a viral stunt to promote his new music video “Beauty and the Beat” with Nicki Minaj. Though he made an entertaining prank out of it, not every celeb can relate. 

In fact, there's a host of them that have had their laptops jacked, with the robbers exposing dirty laundry or holding their personal files for ransom. It's not easy (or safe) being famous. Here’s a look at the stars whom had their laptops stolen throughout the past.