How should one deal with a girlfriend who has had numerous sex partners, many who are guys I know personally? It was years ago, but these guys are still around and she used to be known as a hoe. She is about to move back in the area to be around me, and these guys don't know about the relationship we've been having for the past couple of years. I love her, and she hasn't directly done anything to make me think she would cheat on me. But, me being a guy knows how it is when a girl gets around. No matter what she will always be known as a hoe. What should I do? I tried getting over it but these guys have told me stories about my girl and shit she did, which she confirmed. I know it's in the past, but goddamn! 

—Blaming Tammy

Since you've admitted she hasn't given you any reasons to not trust her, this seems less like a trust issue. Seems like you're more concerned about your relationship with your friends, and whatever jokes they may or may not make about you and dating a woman who has enjoyed some casual sex. 

Think back to when you were younger, the mistakes you made, and the less-than-admirable moves you pulled with women. Surely you’ve learned a lot since then, right? Would you want to be judged based on how you used to act? Why hold her to that same standard, then?

You have two choices:

1.)  Get over it. If you genuinely feel she’s changed, and that she's worthy of your trust, get over her "bad" rep. Stop being a coward and tell your friends how you feel about her. In the end, it’s a relationship between you and her, not you, your boys, and her. If you're honest with them, and they still talk shit, they're probably shitty friends.

2.)  Admit you’ll never get over it. Right or wrong, if you see yourself becoming paranoid, possessive, and/or jealous, walk away. It's the right thing to do by her, and it'll ease your quaking mind.