I need advice on how to text a girl. How do I keep her guessing but laughing, and also make her chase me through text, be mysterious?

—What More Can I Say?

Please don't make it your aim to be mysterious. Text messaging, lacking things like, you know, intonation, is complicated enough. Focus on being mysterious and you'll likely come off as crazy, or too aloof, or something else undesirable, in which case she won't know what you want. Fronting will never work in your favor.

Don't try to make her chase you. That's the adult equivalent of throwing rocks at your grade school crush.

Avoid sending mixed signals. Instead, focus on developing a rapport. Keep your text messages as witty and charming as possible. Your aim is to be engaging and appear interested without going overboard. Do not send a text asking why she hasn't responded when only five minutes have passed.

Ultimately, your goal is to make it beyond text messaging to a real in-person date. That's where you'll shine.