Ever since I got out of college, I've been having trouble finding and dating women. I'm on a two-month drought and with cuffing season approaching, it looks like I'll be inactive for the season. Am I just too ugly?

—Dirt On My Shoulder

You're suffering a dry spell. it happens. Usually, when you're single against your will, it's a signal you need an attitude adjustment, not a makeover. A woman won't hesitate to date a guy who isn't "traditionally" attractive if he's confident, cool, and interesting. Pouting, obsessing on your bad looks in a vain way—that will make women avoid you. And can you blame them? It's not a woman's job to coddle your self-esteem. It's not anyone's job besides your life coach.

If you don't believe that you're worthy of a woman's attention, you need to take some time off. Think of it as you forcing yourself to be single as opposed to all those conniving women out there, plotting against your desire for a relationship. (Yes, that should sound crazy, because it is.)

Go after what you're truly passionate about, whether it's perfecting your basketball game or taking a class to sharpen your photography skills. Remind yourself why you're a cool dude to know, and it won't be long before the ladies take notice.