Appears in: The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
Scariest moment: While being held captive in the Phantom's underground hideout, Christine (Mary Philbin) slowly walks up behind him as he's playing the piano, pulls his mask off, and reveals the Phantom's hideous, skeletal face.
Weaknesses: Mirrors, obviously; also, dentists and toothbrushes.

Poor Phantom—all he wants is for Christine (Mary Philbin), the apple of his eye, to love him as much as he adores her. That's why Lon Chaney's deformed character, who haunts the Paris Opera House in this 1925 silent film classic, goes about killing people who stand in actress Christine's path to on-stage success. One of horror's great tragic figures, the Phantom embodies that old saying "love stinks." It's not his fault that his face looks like it's been dipped in acid for a solid five minutes straight.