Appears in: The Pack (2010)
Scariest moment: Charlotte (Émilie Dequenne) hangs upside down as the humanoid cannibal monsters crawl out of the ground and feed on the person hanging next to her.
Weakness: English subtitles.

Don't underestimate a mother's love for her sons—even if her kids are long dead and feast on human flesh.

In the nifty, if not altogether memorable, 2010 French horror flick The Pack, a hitchhiker lures a beautiful, rebellious woman to his mom's isolated farm, where she harbors a twisted secret: Buried underneath the ground outside her cabin are the bodies of her deceased seeds, who were killed in a mining accident.

Using the chicks her living son brings back to her, Mommy Sickest feeds her zombified offspring by stringing the ladies up by their feet, cutting them, and letting their dripping blood entice the ghouls to rise up from the ground and chow down. Cite this example of motherly love the next time your mom refuses to do your laundry.

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