Appear in: The Mist (2007)
Scariest moment: After being shot, one of the wounded monsters approaches little Billy Drayton (Nathan Gamble) while the boy's back is turned and opens its mouth in a get-in-my-belly roar.
Weakness: Bullets, broomsticks, and torches.

Released in the same exceptional year for cinema as films like There Will be Blood and No Country for Old Men, Frank Darabont's ballsy Stephen King adaptation The Mist performed admirably (making $57M on an $18M budget) yet was mostly overlooked by critics assembling Best Of lists come December. Genre heads, however, recognized its greatness.

With its thick-headed characters trapped inside a supermarket, The Mist unleashes a barrage of otherworldly monsters of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of effectiveness. During the film's centerpiece—a siege within the market's aisles that leaves several folks dead—pterodactyls with a taste for flesh charge their way through the broken glass windows and raise hell.

Here's a tip: To enhance their old-school monster impact, seek out the two-disc special DVD or Blu-ray edition of The Mist and watch the movie in black-and-white, as Darabont intended.