Appear in: Jason and the Argonauts (1963)
Scariest moment: Armed with swords and shields, a small army of combatant skeletons attacks Jason and his cohorts near the edge of a mountain top.
Weakness: Swords, kicks, and punches, just like any other (living) swordsmen.

How do you kill what's already dead? That's just one of the many troubling questions in Greek mythological hero Jason's (Todd Armstrong) mind as he and his fellow sword-and-sandal heroes are forced to swing blades against a band of skeletal soldiers. Created with wonderful stop-motion innovation by Ray Harryhausen, the bone brigade in Jason and the Argonauts only appears on screen for a few minutes, but its impact lingers, mainly because Harryhausen's designs blur the line between video game surrealism and herky-jerky realism.