Appears in: Eraserhead (1977)
Scariest moment: The sight of the sperm-like creature, sores and all, crying in agony as it struggles to breathe.
Weakness: Parental neglect. *cough* Dad. *cough*

Does the thought of one day becoming a father scare you half to death? Give David Lynch's Eraserhead a gander and watch that "half" change to "fully."

As the eponymous weirdo, actor Jack Fisk mesmerizes as the strangest human inhabitant in an exceedingly bizarre alternate reality of sorts, where his anxieties about parenthood take the form of a disfigured newborn. In a fiendishly clever touch, Lynch has the repulsive baby act very much like your average, normal looking baby: It cries nonstop and keeps Fisk awake at all hours.

The key difference between Eraserhead's rug rat and actual babies: This one's cries are the result of multiple sores all over its body, it has no skin, and the turning on and off of light switches causes its head to become a planet. Parents who've never seen a David Lynch movie just don't understand.