Original Air Date: January 22, 1996
Director: David Burton Morris
Stars: Keri Russell, Stephen Collins, Phylicia Rashad
Lesson Learned: Sitters, let daddy's wandering eye wander elsewhere.

Mmm, who ranks higher on the list of people you want to see hook up than Felicity's Keri Russell and Reverend Camden from Seventh Heaven? No one, that's who! That's why it's all here and more in yet another tale of dirty dalliances between dads and babysitters.

In this case, dad Bill Bartrand (Stephen Collins) begins to lay the mack on his hired help (Russell) just around the time of his wife's death. You'd think that'd be a bit of a red flag, but the star fails to notice that Bartrand's seduction sessions are better helping him to frame her for the murder that he committed. You'll never look at Reverend Camden in the same way.