Original Air Date: June 21, 2009
Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
Stars: Maggie Lawson, Sadie LeBlanc
Lesson Learned: Fashion saves.

When a dead body surfaces at a friend's hair salon, "Crimes of Fashion" style columnist Lacey Smithsonian (Maggie Lawson) is put on the case. (Why a fashion columnist is encouraged to investigate murders is beyond our realm of guessing, but we digress.) Despite being ruled a suicide by police and the coroner, associates of the dead stylist deduce that girlfriend never would've been caught dead—literally—with that haggard haircut, so it's time to get some answers.

Adding extra fuel to the fire: Smithsonian's ex-boo just happens to move to her city—and get assigned to her case as the lead investigator. What the what? If this sounds like your idea of a badass Saturday night, you'll probably want to take in Hostile Makeover then as well.