Original Air Date: May 14, 2006
Director: Paul A. Kaufman
Stars: Shelley Long, Virginia Williams, Jack Scalia
Lesson Learned: Shelley Long must've been offered some serious compensation here.

Yet another flick with a title more laugh-worthy than the whole of the movie, Honeymoon with Mom tells the story of would-be bride Shannon Bates (Virginia Williams), who, after getting left at the altar, decides to make lemonade by inviting her mother (Shelley Long) to join in her honeymoon festivities. (More or less depressing than forgoing it altogether? You be the judge.)

Little does she know that her magazine editor mama has a hidden agenda: Her motive for attending is to try and score an interview with the reclusive ex-astronaut who owns the resort. That's right. Reclusive ex-astronaut—with whom Bates' mom eventually finds some chemistry cooking. Need we go on?