Original Air Date: February 11, 1996
Director: Michael Ray Rhodes
Stars: Tori Spelling, Susan Blakely, Scott Plank
Lesson Learned: Easy money comes at a (grimy) price.

Tori Spelling resumes her reign as the queen of unintentionally funny cinema with her starring role in 1996's Co-Ed Call Girl. When a friend's prank on bookish college student Joanna (Spelling) scores her an invite to a Malibu beach party, she finds herself seduced by the glamorous lifestyle of a crew that turns out to be a pimp (Scott Plank) and his associates. The glitz gets the best of Joanna and the broke star forgoes the standard library or cafe gigs to instead try her hand at high-class ho-ing.

Unfortunately (SHOCKER!) things don't go quite as planned, and soon it's pimps up, hos down for the protagonist. If you're in the mood to feel like a horrible person by cracking up at would-be devastating moments (i.e., the creepy piano player that breathily chides a geisha-looking Spelling with one-liners like, "Ron said you like to have a good time!" and "ON THE FIRST NOTE, JOANNA!!" before having her perform the most awkward strip routine ever), this is indeed the movie for you.