First dates are so much pressure. How is a complex man supposed to boil down the essence of his being into a condensed form to be easily digested over the course of dinner?

Take a cue from the 2013's hopefuls, and be crafty about what you reveal and what you keep to yourself. Romney didn't linger on his no-worries approach to the 47 percent, or how his economic plan will affect Medicaid. Instead, he distracted us by professing his love for Sesame Street characters ("Did he just mention Big Bird? Now I don't care if Grandma gets her meds!").

Look to Romney. Now is not the time to tell her about your credit card debt, that weird mole on your left hip, or the fact that you don't have an "actual" job. Focus on getting to know her.

She'll be so caught up in her autobiographical monologue, she'll barely notice you uttered a total of four words about yourself, and that you never actually answered her question about when you bought your house. Instead of saying, "It's my house, but I don't, like, own it. My mom does. Does that not count?" counter with, "Well, where did you grow up?"