Apple surprised most everyone yesterday when it debuted a brand new, full-sized iPad alongside the more anticipated iPad Mini. The move was unexpected because Apple has traditionally launched new iPads in the spring, meaning this time it came about five months early. As you might expect, owners of the previous generation of iPad aren't too happy about this news. A flash poll of 2,000 iPad owners by the research agency Toluna QuickSurvey revealed that 45 percent of people who own any iPad are unhappy about the latest addition to the family. For iPad 3 owners, that number jumps to fully half.

As of now, Apple hasn't done anything official to assuage the pain of early obsolescence felt by these customers. But there are some reports that customers who purchased their 3rd gen iPad within the last month are being allowed to trade them in for the new model, provided they're undamaged. if you're outside of that window, you can always sell your iPad on your own and get in line for the new hotness.

[via Mashable]