Director: Lucio Fulci

As any admirer of Italian horror stalwart Lucio Fulci will tell you, the filmmaker's best undead movie is Zombie, his answer to George A. Romero's stateside hit Dawn of the Dead that's notorious for its unrelenting gore and the on-screen, underwater duel between a zombie and a shark. But those who appreciate cinema that's hypnotically incoherent and strangely unsettling will cite Fulci's 1981 oddity The Beyond as the man's greatest movie. And, honestly, you won't hear any arguments around these parts.

In the way of plot, you've got a hot chick who inherits a beat-down hotel in Louisiana, and when she starts poking around the premises, she unwittingly opens up one of the seven doors to Hell. From there, The Beyond explodes into an endless procession of blood, guts, eye-gougings, acid-burnings, and one of the sickest and biggest bullet-hole entry wounds in movie history.