Discussing Emanuelle in America in any way, shape, or form unavoidably implies that one has voluntarily watched the film, so let's keep the descriptions short and sweet here. You know, to avoid sullying anyone's reputation.

A benchmark in sexploitation cinema, the 1974 French film Emanuelle gave way to a series of progressively raunchier sequels, the first of which was Italian director Joe D'Amato's Emanuelle in America. Since all of the erotic franchise's entries can be boiled down to the same "hot chick bangs numerous people" synopsis, the films need a little something special to stand apart from the pack. For Emanuelle in America, that extra touch comes, pun intended, in the form of an erect horse. A well-hung equestrian thespian afforded the chance to have beautiful star Laura Gemser rub and tug on its member.

Not that we've seen the movie, though. That'd just be sick. Please believe. No, really, please believe.