Inarguable fact: Leighton Meester is very hot. Viewers of The CW's hit teen drama series Gossip Girl are well aware of the starlet's sexiness, which, thanks to Meester's playful charms, radiates even more whenever she gives an on-camera interview. She's a gifted actress who, frankly, deserves much better than hackneyed psycho characters in tepid thrillers like The Roommate and throwaway love interest roles in forgettable romps like That's My Boy.

In the new indie comedy The Oranges (opening in limited theatrical release this Friday), Meester gets the chance to be both funny and alluring, playing a young lady who falls in love with her older, married neighbor (House graduate Hugh Laurie).

There's just one problem, though: No guy in his right mind wants to see Hugh Laurie get any action, especially if it's with a beauty who's 27 years his junior. Hell, it's painful enough scoping her get it on with Gossip Girl co-star, and similarly aged peer, Ed Westwick.

The May-December romance at the heart The Oranges is definitely uninviting, yet put side-by-side with any of The 25 Most Nauseating Hookups in Movies, it's actually not so bad. Brace yourselves for some truly stomach-turning action.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)