Sidney Prescott is the horror genre's very own John McClane. Like Bruce Willis' hero in the Die Hard action movie franchise, Neve Campbell's character in Wes Craven's Scream series has endured through the actions of multiple lunatics with homicidal tendencies, all while watching loves ones perish and seeing her experiences turned into a successful movie franchise, called Stab.

Over the course of four films, Sidney learns that her mother slept around town, was gang-raped while pursuing an acting career in Hollywood, and was ultimately killed by the crazy brother, born out of wedlock, that Sidney never knew she had.

That's a lot of familial drama, and it would too much for most girls to overcome, but not Miss Prescott. Working through her family's dark past while evading slashers wearing Ghostface masks, Sidney somehow always emerges relatively unscathed. How she's not living inside a therapist's office by the end of Scream 4 is anyone's guess.