Played by: Joe Mantell

Appearing in the episode “Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room,” Jackie Rhoades is an unsuccessful gangster with a spine made of jelly. In a seedy motel room, Jackie’s boss, George, orders him to kill a barkeeper or else he’ll kill Jackie in return. Consumed by guilt and fear, Jackie stews in his room, afraid to do anything. Then a voice calls to him: It’s his own reflection speaking to him from the mirror, but it turns out to be a much more violent, cutthroat, and proactive version of himself.

In typical Twilight Zone fashion, the two swap places, and this new Jackie Rhoades—now going by the name John—assaults his overbearing boss and promises his now meek reflection that he’s going to make something of himself. Rhoades goes from spineless underling to certifiable gangster in the blink of an eye.