Played by: Giancarlo Esposito

He appeared friendly and harmless under the guise of a successful fast food franchise operator, but make no mistake about it: Gus Fring was a cold, despicable meth kingpin who used America's love of fried chicken to poison people and ruin communities for personal gain.

Fring was a savvy, organized businessman who compartmentalized his life extremely well, doing the devil's work while also playing the role of civic leader. He donated to the police force and shook hands with cops he tried to have killed; his laundromat housed a meth lab underneath; his fried chicken batter shipped with drugs concealed inside.

And to say that the two-faced menace was brutal and ruthless when it came to his empire is putting it mildly. In one of his most memorable displays of darkness, he personally slit the throat of a trusted underling like a chicken being sacrificed to a grill to keep other, more problematic employees in line. That he could do it all while looking like a mild-mannered, somewhat nerdy, businessman is enough to give anyone chills.