Played by: Ron Perlman

Clay Morrow is the former head of the SAMCRO biker gang. And it's "former" because, as the series has progressed, his greed and violence have eventually led to his dramatic downfall.

Before he turned into the shell of a gangster currently seen in season five, Morrow was the most powerful man in Charming, CA. He began the series as a guy who dispensed vigilante justice to keep his town safe (while moving guns for profit), but recently Sons of Anarchy fans have seen a much different Clay as he began to accept the drug trade into his community and plotted to have loved ones killed to cover up past sins (he and his wife Gemma killed John Teller, a club founder and her former husband, so they could run guns against his wishes).

Where he was once a badass you can root for, Clay quickly became a full-on villain, going as far as to murder one of his oldest, and totally innocent, club brothers, Piney, in order to save his own ass. The character comes to life through Ron Perlman's performance, in which the always on-point actor brings the right amount of pathos, ruthlessness, and vulnerability.