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Steve McQueen’s Hunger is one of the most powerful movies of the past decade. It revolves around the hunger strike of IRA volunteer Bobby Sands who revolted against the way political prisoners were being treated by the British government. Towards the end of the movie, when Fassbender is on the brink of death after refusing to eat for weeks, we see his naked, skeletal body being treated in the hospital.

It’s a disgusting, raw display of the human body, and what makes it hit so much harder is that Fassbender really lost the weight for this role. Fassbender's penis has been in so many movies that it should have its own SAG card at this point, but this isn't like the sex scenes from McQueen's sex addiction drama Shame, which are messed up because you know something awful happened to trigger the nymphomania. Here, the nudity is sad and physically revolting.