Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly executed nude scene in a movie? Like the toy inside your box of Lucky Charms, these moments can brighten up even the most boring pieces of cinema, especially when it comes to foreign dramas that are low on explosions yet suspiciously high on flesh. But sometimes even nude scenes can disappoint, and as philosopher George Costanza once pointed out, there is good naked and there is bad naked.

While we’re always down to see some young Hollywood starlets bare all in the middle of a flick, we’ve also seen some of Tinsel Town’s less attractive denizens drop their pants for the sake of art. From the overweight, to the elderly, to the downright fugly, it seems like no group is too bashful for this sort of thing. So consider yourself warned: Complex is flashing you The 25 Grossest Nude Scenes In Movies.

Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)