Portrayed by: Gary Oldman

He’s not in the film for a long time, but the few scant moments that Gary Oldman plays the psychotic dealer Drexl Spivey make True Romance a classic. Spivey, who's scarred up, racially confused, and sports some gnarly dreads, is both humorous and vicious, as seen in a coke theft and his negotiation for the freedom of one of his prostitutes, where he snaps from jokes to murder in an instant.

It’s a credit to the ability of Oldman that he can be such a recognizable actor yet be so unrecognizable here. Spivey is completely unhinged and unafraid of the enemies he’s gained during his various indiscretions. His line of work winds up getting him at the end, but for a brief moment, Oldman gave us a glimpse at one of cinema’s most unfiltered sociopaths.