Everything we share on Facebook—comments, photos, Likes, updates, et al.—is up for interpretation. On the other hand, there are some things, like girl's bikini beach pictures, that can be taken at face value. You know what else? Admissions of guilt. What a lot of dimwitted criminals who frequent Facebook fail to understand is that their updates are open for the world to see. Even if their account is set to private, people will see and, depending on how close you are with said friend, snitch. So when, for reasons we can't comprehend, people go on Facebook and talk about their crimes, those posts act as a smoking gun when viewed by the authorities. Most recently, a woman with a private account—who didn't even commit a crime!—was arrested for helping a friend who was trying to out an undercover cop by posting the officer's image on Facebook. Think that's dumb? Read on.