After the brilliance of Scott Snyder’s “Court of the Owls” and “Night of the Owls” storylines in Batman, news came that he would be launching “Death of the Family” this month, featuring the highly-anticipated return of the Joker. But we’re not satisfied with knowing what’s happening in the present—we want the gossip on where Batman will go afterwards. That's why DC's Batman panel has us so excited. 

What’s next for Scott Snyder’s titles? How will John Layman make Detective Comics different from the rest of the Bat titles? And, lastly, who is going to be introduced in the last issues of Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated? We want all of the dirty details on these books, plus info on Nightwing, Batwoman, Batgirl, and the others. It’s been a great year for the Batman family; here's to it not ending after “Death of the Family.”