Year it was supposed to blow: 1978–1999

What happened:  There would be no DVD or Blu-ray disc without the laser discs. Those of you who remember watching Thundercats can recall the car with the laser disco being carted into you classroom. So, what were Laser Discs? They were huge frisbee-sized discs that played video in even larger machines. They were big and expensive. However, video on a Laser Disco was on the whole sharper. So, what happened? Besides the astronomical price tag and the lack of titles, there was the fact that each side of Laser Disc required you to flip it over every 30 minutes. Also, they were very prone to scratches. And if you bought a certain brand of Laser Disco it wasn’t guaranteed that it would work in the player of a competing brand. Despite having a good run—LaserDiscs were produced up until the late 90s—it never took off in the U.S.A.