Address: 7455 Hylan Blvd.

Sitting on a 226-acre-park, and home to the only peace conference between the Brits and the Americans during the Revolutionary War, the Billop House would draw visitors on account of its rich history alone. Today, it is a more infamous incident that draws people to the house. Original resident, revolutionary strategist Colonel Bishop was known to have a temper. On one occasion, Bishop accused a servant of being a spy because she'd placed a candle in the window, and proceeded to chase her around the house. She fell to her death during the chase, and to this day, it's unknown if Bishop pushed her in rage, or she fell. Her spirit still lingers in the house, according to many reports. Strangely, the association that runs the house won't allow for a paranormal investigation of the property. Sounds like an admission of ghostly activity to us!