Stars: Warwick Davis, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Jo Enright, Rosamund Hanson, Jon Key, Kiruna Stamell

Status: Season 2 will air sometime during 2013

Some people have criticized Life's Too Short on the grounds that it's too similar to Gervais and Merchant's other fictionalized, Hollywood day-in-the-life HBO sitcom Extras. Considering how hilarious that show was, we respond: So what. Life's Too Short mines all of the comedy-gold and sight gags one would expect from a series centering on the fictionalized trials and tribulations of a Hollywood dwarf.

Real-life actor Warwick Davis (you've seen him in the Harry Potter films, Leprechaun, playing an Ewok, and basically anything else that requires a short person) is fantastic as a self-obsessed, delusional version of himself who's trying to jump-start a career resurgence, much to the chagrin of "friends" Ricky and Stephen. The cameos are even better: The trio's bizarre meeting with Liam Neeson, who does gruff and hilarious stand-up comedy in the pilot, should have you sold.