Seen in: Porky’s (1982)

In this smutty ‘80s gem, a group of virginal high school kids travel to Porky’s, a local bar, in an attempt to take advantage of the establishment’s legendary prostitution ring. But they soon learn the hard way that losing your virginity takes a lot more hard work than just paying a hooker to do the job for you. They also learn that dudes named Porky probably shouldn't be trusted.

Though at first Porky (Chuck Mitchell) attempts to turn the boys away at the door, he quickly comes around and takes their money for what the boys think will be a high-priced lady of the night. Instead, he dumps the teens off in the swamp in the middle of the night, leaving them to fend for themselves. The movie then turns into a revenge tale as the boys try to figure out a way to get back at the surly bar owner and his crooked cop brother. As you can see, the quest for sex is serious business.