What would happen if the world’s greatest hero became the world’s most feared villain? That’s the question that Mark Waid’s hit series Irredeemable asked when it launched in 2009. Telling the story of Earth’s struggles against its former savior, the Plutonian, this series pulled no punches with the shocking violence and disgusting actions of the ontime do-gooder. But gore aside, it’s also a fascinating character study to see a man seemingly turn his back on the world that he was once sworn to protect and change into the planet's most notorious sociopath.

This wouldn’t be a pretty show, as Plutonian is regularly shown wiping out entire cities in minutes and brutally killing other heroes that he used to call friends. This is a daring deconstruction of the superhero genre, and it would be the perfect antithesis to fun-loving junk food cinema like The Avengers. If you thought the survivors on The Walking Dead had it bad, just wait until you see what the Plutonian unleashes on humanity.