There has been a dramatic shift in the comic book world over the past decade. Even though superhero stories are still the industry’s bread and butter, independent publishers like Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite, Boom, and plenty others are pumping out titles that aren’t limited to in their genre. In recent years, zombie tales, post-apocalyptic epics, crime dramas, and nearly every other variety of comic has hit the shelves to massive critical success.

In 2010, this modern comic book movement finally cracked through to the mainstream as AMC debuted the TV adaptation of The Walking Dead, one of the industry’s hottest non-superhero titles. By bringing the same white-knuckle drama from the page to the screen, the series has shown that there is comic book life outside of the heroes that everyone in the world is familiar with. In fact, since books like The Walking Dead started coming out in the 2000’s, DC and Marvel have tried to adapt by making some of their familiar superhero books encompass multiple genres.

As zombie-lovers prepare for the season three premiere of The Walking Dead next Sunday (October 14, 9 p.m. ET), Complex leaves the Golden and Silver Ages behind and makes a case for 10 Modern Comic Books That Should Be Made Into TV Shows. Networks, take note.

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Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)