Director: Joe Dante
Stars: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton, Dick Miller, Corey Feldman, Frances Lee McCain, Kete Luke, John Louie, Jackie Joseph, Judge Reinhold, Glynn Turman, Jonathan Banks

Enough with Ralphie, that Red Ryder BB gun, and the joyful yet overplayed A Christmas Story already. From here on out, we’re starting a new holiday tradition: a 24-hour marathon of Joe Dante’s Yuletide horror classic, Gremlins. It’s fun for the whole family, especially if your parents and siblings are the types who find the sights of hideous little creatures joyriding in snowmobiles and terrorizing sporting goods stores to be hilarious, like we do.

So what if Gremlins is never actually all that scary for anyone older than the age of 9? At its core, Dante’s energetic romp is a monster picture, one in which the villains, in the tradition of Freddy Krueger, are the coolest motherfuckers in the room.