Of course, we had a blast just knocking out story missions, too, from simply activating a radio tower to capturing outposts and other camps and even spelunking through caves full of psychedelic hallucination-inducing fumes.

The main story took us from captivity in Vaas's camp, to a wild chase through the moonlit jungle, after which our protagonist awakens under the care of a thoughtful—but militant—village of locals. Under their guidance, and eventually the guidance of Vaas's alluring sister, Citra, you'll learn to be a warrior and eventually take on Vaas himself.

There are going to be plenty of ways to get there in Far Cry 3's open world, and rest assured it's like nothing you've ever seen before—it's denser than Skyrim and more unpredictable than Liberty City. We can't wait to explore all it has to offer.