Zaarly is a personalized marketplace where people can request workers to tackle tasks at a price they are willing to pay. There is a large array of opportunities on Zaarly, giving people of various skill sets a good side hustle to put some extra money in their pocket.

Zaarly explained the vision of their service on their website:

"This two-way, community-powered process provides convenience and flexibility to buyers while allowing sellers to make money fulfilling requests from the people around them." 

With Zaarly you can now...

  • Meet a Spanish tutor, a tennis instructor, a chef, a carpooler, a computer repairman, a plumber, an artist, a handyman, a dentist, a bartender, or anyone else who can help you living or working right around you.
  • Find a professional cook to cater lunch at your office, fulfill a morning coffee, or deliver take-out to your hotel when you are on the road.
  • Find a graphic designer for your wedding invitations, a clown for your child's birthday party, a lawyer to review your lease, a gardener to spruce up your yard, or an assistant for the day to help with a big event.

The purpose of the Yellow Pages has been revamped and redesigned with Zaarly. With the big Apple announcement days away, one popular popular posting on Zaarly is the request for someone to wait on line to purchase the iPhone 5. Have a day off from work? This might be a long, easy way to earn some extra cash. Be it exploring job needs or making requests, you can now do so on Zaarly through its website, or on your via Zaarly app Apple, or Android device.

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