I don't know if you caught the news over the weekend, but scientists at Harvard have discovered a way to create artificial skin that is able to transmit electrical pulses by grafting nano wires to the 'skin', and is capable of 'feeling'. That's right Harvard has created cyborg skin.

On top of that impending cyborg uprising news, Japan is not to be outdone. Wataru Yoshizaki is developing a system software that controls a giant mech. Also, this mech will totally be up for sale. Yoshizaki envisions a future where man and machine co-exist, and society will come to view robots as common-place. He discusses how his V-Sido software can be used by companies for a number of applications.

Can they be used to defend us against the cyborg rebellion? Oh, you've installed mini-guns on the arms? Great I'll take two. What do you guys think? Who wants a war machine? Let us know on the Twitter


[via Kotaku]