The fan-made Half-Life remake Black Mesa has been in development for almost a decade, but its creators have finally announced a release date: Sept. 14.

The mod aims to recreate the entirety of the original Half-Life with graphics and realism more akin to Half-Life 2. There've been a slew of release dates announced over the years, and somehow it's been delayed until now, but they seem pretty sure about this one.

"We're freaking out over here! It is so exciting to share this news with you!" writes project leader cman2k on the Black Mesa forums. "We're doing our best to help bring the immense vision of this project into reality, and we are very excited for what the future brings!"

The game is only complete up to the Lambda Core area of Half-Life, with the rest of the game planned for separate releases down the line. The soundtrack is available now, as well. Have you been waiting for this day? What did you think would be released first: this or Half-Life 3?

[via reddit]