Qi wireless charging is not the standard amongst smartphones yet, but TDK's newest portable speakers are ahead of the curve. The Wireless Charging Speakers include four full-range left and right speakers along with a ported subwoofer. In addition to the wireless charging pad found up top, the speakers can connect to your device via Bluetooth to stream music and also includes a 3.5mm stereo input.  

The "weatherized" body of TDK's portable speakers make them suitable for any condition inside or out. The biggest drawback to these portable speakers is the $400 price tag. For a less coin, you can fulfill your portable speaker needs with the Jambox, though you'll be giving up a bunch of features (and speakers). More details on the Wireless Charging Speaker can be found on TDK website, and if your device lacks Qi wireless charging capabilities check out these cool accessories from Energizer. 

[Wired via Cult of Mac]