Generally speaking, when a series is renewed for a second season, it undergoes some major creative overhaul. Storylines are sometimes trashed, characters are sometimes phased out, and occasionally, fresh faces are brought in to facilitate new plots. Having been renewed by Fox for a sophomore season, the Zooey Deschanel-starring comedy New Girl is no different. According to Funny or Die, anyway.

In a new video posted on the comedy site, we see the cast and writers adjusting to the new addition of legendary talk show host Regis Philbin, who has apparently forced his way on to the show out of undying love for everyone except Max Greenfield, who portrays Schmidt. Let's just say, when it comes to Philbin and him, there's a bit of a conflict. You can check out the clip above.

New Girl returns to Fox - sadly, sans Philbin - on September 25th.

[via Funny or Die]