President Obama's got 99 problems, but Mitt Romney ain't one. No, seriously, watch the video up there, that's exactly what he says. Kind of. Editing, what editing?

But no, seriously, this is a supercut of Obama clips fashioned as a remix of Jay-Z's forever classic "99 Problems." Though it's a little iffy on exactly how pro-Obama it is - lyrics go from "The year is 2009/ And the White House is mine/ But the economy’s in full mother-fucking decline/ My choices at the time were to shit on the poor or/ Fellate the banks to get elected once more" to "Now I’m not trying to fight J.P. Morgan Chase/ Got their campaign dollars so I can win the race" - it's masterfully crafted for sure.

You can check out the remix above. It you're at work, you might want to break out the headphones, because it's a little bit explicit. 

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[via Daily Intel]