In honor of the upcoming Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama's campaign has released a new promotional commercial targeting the important younger demographic, featuring none other than Kal Penn and John Cho as their iconic stoner characters Harold and Kumar.

In the commercial, we see Obama placing a very urgent call to an unknown individual. He asks if they're "on board," before proceeding to give them a borderline pep talk about how everyone is counting on them to be awesome (paraphrasing, but you get the idea). The screen then cuts to Harold and Kumar, vegging out on a couch watching cartoons and eating pizza, totally unmoved by the fact that the president just called them. 

Penn himself will be hosting the DNC coverage Live in Charlotte on September 6th, web-only content that is set to feature appearances from Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, and Zach Braff, amongst others.

You can check out the commercial above.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]